Saturday, February 25, 2012

Learn to Draw Without Spending a Single Dime

You can learn drawing cartoons without spending even a single dime. There are number of resources in Internet or cyber world that you can use for this purpose. Make your machine on get a piece of paper and a pencil and you're ready to rock. The real beauty of these free websites are, if you want to stay anonymous and do not want to spare your e-mail address ID you can do so.

And keep in mind most of the time the lessons that you see in the online world are works of the Masters. So you get a chance of learning from the pros.

But one thing you should be cautious about is most of the times these lessons are not graded. That means what you will find is a collection of eye candy created by a master cartoonist. So though these pages are very good to look at they are not necessarily really helpful for the beginners.

This is not to say that there are any dearth is of good beginner level material. What I want to stress upon here is you have to be choosy while selecting your site. If you can get help from someone who has already gone through this selection exercises, by all means use that.

There is another danger you need to be aware of: these beautiful cartoons are really addictive and many youngsters make the mistake of spending a huge amount of time by browsing the sites and never really engaging into any drawing practice.

To avoid this trap have a clear goal in your mind. Visualise yourself being praised by your teachers, parents and envied by your peers for your drawing skills. Also keep in mind if you can really pick up a high level of cartooning skills it can be very lucrative career. Various industries from publishing to entertainment need cartoonists and this demand is really huge.

So make up your mind, whatever level of skill you want to have you will need to spend some time in doing actual practice. The learning curve may not be as flat as you want, that in a sense is good for you. Because, that will keep many amateur wannabes far away from this coveted skill.

Certainly there will be phases when you will feel frustrated but don't let that overcome your spirit. If you keep trying you will certainly be proficient in cartooning and start making drawings that will be loved by all.