Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Portrait of Artist's Second Wife - Henri Rousseau

Paintings are among the most impressive expressions of art depicted in different genres. Some famous painters who have marked their name in history are Van Gogh and Da Vinci. One style of painting is Naive art where works portray childlike simplicity. It is in this manner of expression that Henri Rousseau became recognized.

People usually get interested in a piece of art or a collection of it not just because of the overall creation but also with the story of the maker itself. This is because chosen genres or techniques are often based on the painter's frame of mind or his attractions also. Read further to learn more about how Henri Rousseau started with his passion.

At some point in his life, Henri Julien Felix Rousseau became a tax collector which gave him the label of "Le Douanier" or "the customs officer". Despite the disrespect of some people around, this artist managed to survive criticism and emerged a genius through self-education. His pieces show a great artistic quality.

Potential artists are usually observed in early childhood in their field of interests or hobbies. Henri, who was born in Laval, France on May 21, 1844 did not really excel in some subjects at school but this was not the case in music and drawing. His love for art has been apparent even as a kid considering his remarkable grades including series of awards.

It was in 1868 that Henri decided to transfer to Paris to be of assistance to his mother after his father's death. He worked in the government and married his first wife, Clemence Boitard who was still 15 at the time. She gave him six children however only one remained. When Clemence died, Henri remarried a year after to Josephine Noury who became a subject in one of his artworks. This portrait of the artist's second wife was created on 1903 with a style of Primitivism.

Henri Rousseau concentrated more in his painting career during his forties and finally left his job in the government to focus on doing artworks full-time. Although Henri has been so passionate about his Naive art, some people just cannot find any reason to appreciate his work. Critics either mock his paintings or get shocked by his idea of art. It was not easy for him to earn his place in the art industry. Nevertheless, Henri continued to show his technique in Naive art even if some people consider his works just like of a child's painting. Despite the scornful criticisms, Rousseau successfully influenced other well-known artists like Picasso and Jean Hugo.

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